About Me

AJ Clifford, Consultant Pinpoint Services (PPS)

Dedicated to achieving Excellence in Quality!

Accomplished quality leader with a proven ability to inspire/mentor quality assurance teams to increase company compliance and cost savings through risk assessment and continuous improvement projects:
• Rebuilt an entire Quality System and had the company NSF Sport Certified in less than a year.
• Manage a team of 10 quality professionals
• Coordinated the quality department in re-branding almost a billion dollar company
• Assisted in the establishment of an international quality system in multiple countries
• Developed a risk assessment/supplier qualification program resulting in the reduction of over 600 laboratory tests per year
• Reduced annual audits with the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia to a three year audit frequency which resulted in a reduction of inspection costs totaling $66,000
• Hosted the quickest audit the FDA inspectors’ have conducted in their careers with no 483’s identified
• Established a facility management program for contract manufacturers using key process indicators, facility visits, and documentation review

Skills: Quality Management, Regulatory Inspections, Certified Quality Auditor, Supplier Management, External Audits, Risk Assessment, Batch Record review and creation, Deviations, Non-conformances, Root Cause Investigation, Process Validation, and generally ensuring compliance.


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